our first zines of the week! to dive into the world of zine-making, we chose and adapted randomized prompts from the zine idea generator. These silly, creative, & fun zines were practice cutting-and-pasting, drawing, planning and executing a zine from start to finish. 
note for students: In all the week's excitement, I lost track of some of the exact prompts and how you uniquely adapted your prompt. if you see your zine prompt isn't accurate, send me an email & i'll update it! 

prompt: meeting mirrors 

prompt: nature

prompt: alternative zodiac signs

Prompt: different types of herbs

prompt: friends' favourties

PROMPT: conspiracy about eggs

PROMPT: clowns!

PROMPT: Hairstyles

PROMPT: round zine about cups *roundness isn't captured in the scan :(

PROMPT: Conspiracy about famous art

prompt: public transportation

prompt: what you took from your parents

prompt: fictional place

prompt: low effort zine with divine revelations

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