dear reader, 
In september 2022, I sat my doctoral comprehensive exams. Often, this can be an isolating, rigid process, testing your ability to 'survive' the long road to the phd. during my preparations, I turned to zine-making as an outlet for my anxieties and imaginings. I collaged, drew, painted, wrote my feelings as complement to my studies. Convergences emerged everywhere between the theory and the zine. The end result was a creation i've called my "Comps zine."
creation has been instinct; a necessary outlet where i digest what i study. the comps zine played a big role in how i answered the questions posed by my comps committee. I've kept creating since. I started organizing my creations and reflections into a monthly zine series, "dissertation working title." My hope is that these zines will be a kind of metadata accompanying my dissertation; revealing my behind-the-scenes thinking and motivations each month. 
I've always found it difficult to title my writing. How can i encapsulate so much into a single phrase? I want each zine theme to be a 'working title' for my dissertation. there are fundamental experiences & emotions that won't be able to find home in the end document, so for now they live here.
it's hard to be vulnerable (especially in academic spaces!) and i'm always nervous about sharing this side of me. but, i hope these zines inspire connection, reflexivity, and care in mine and others' scholarly practices. 
i'll try to update the series as i go, with zines released monthly-ish until the (eventual) end of my phd. 
if you have any questions/comments, or want a paper copy, feel free to reach out.
more soon, 

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